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Jim may have become a popular entrant on gay xxx tube, but today you will see him in a different light. Here is gays xxx story and gay videos of his latest escapade.

Jim sat in his Ford Everest outside the Gates Motel staring at the flickering neon light. It was around 11:40 pm and it was raining cats and dogs. He had been sitting there for hours thinking of the severity of his actions. Jim kept telling himself that he shouldn’t be ashamed of who he was and looked on hottest babes. It was the world that had molded him into what he was at the moment.

He looked around the empty parking lot. There was no one in sight. Certainly no one would be wandering around in the pouring rain. There were two cars in the lot none classier than his. How conspicuous it all looked, he thought. “How about some Dutch courage…” He wondered to himself. Jim had opened the bottle of cheap liquor he always kept safely in the car in case he wanted to feel buzzed. When he opened the bottle the drab smell of whiskey filled the air. When he put it back it had significantly reduced by 3 large gulps.

At 12:10 he left his car and ran toward the shelter of Gates Motel. The room he had arranged was on the second floor. He looked to the stairs and ran up to them in anticipation. The salesman and weekly church goer had been thinking about this moment all week. In the quiet of the night he felt a sense of pride and freedom. His skeletons could not be exposed in the safety of the dark.

Room 1902 was lit brightly. Someone had been eagerly waiting for him. For a moment, Jim thought himself stupid for knocking on the door. A man opened the door dressed only in torn jeans that hung from his body in an oh so erotic manner. The blue jeans were tight on his hips. His homosexual abs looked delicious! The men’s jeans had hung low enough for Jim to see his black boxers that fitted just right.

“You’re late!” said the boy. “We’re not here to chat” said Jim. Both of them knew the nature of their meeting in this cheap motel that none of them had ever imagined they would be in one day. They had also not exchanged any personal information, including their real names or gay porno on the gay XXX tube. Jim was delighted when he checked out his conquest. That gay guy was well built and knew how to take care of himself. Jim was not as beautiful as this man was.

They stood looking at each other. The men looked at Jim as if he was a piece of meat or some XXX gay pornstar. At one point Jim swore the man wiped a trail of drool using his hand. Desire was running through Jim’s muscled body, leaving an icy chill all over him. He simply could not take it anymore! He leapt onto the guy and started kissing him furiously.

The male responded and his tongue explored Jim’s mouth. Jim felt a beautiful sensation run downward toward his groin. He felt his huge penis grow larger and larger and form a glorious erection. The guy took off Jim’s shirt hurriedly, his tongue finding Jim’s left nipple. Jim was moaning quietly as he let a stranger explore his muscular body. How hot could this get?

The boy licked Jim’s chest and began spreading kisses all over his belly heading downward toward his crotch. He placed his hand on Jim’s crotch and a smile spread across his face as he heard Jim’s loud moan. Jim felt more confident as he thought this to be the man appreciating his size. Him do it exactly like the guy on gay porn tube.

Jim’s pants were off and his legs spread as he thrust his cock in and out of this stranger’s mouth. He thought of nothing but coming since he did not want this wonderful feeling to stop anytime soon. He lifted the stranger to his feet and got down on his knees. He kissed the stranger’s penis with soft and slow kisses, then proceeded to increase his rhythm. In and out, in and out slow and fast he went making sure to wet the stranger’s cock. He held his shaft and proceeded to take his hand backward and forward while the gay man cried out.

The guy seemingly couldn’t take it anymore and with a forceful hand placed Jim on his fours. With an even more forceful thrust he entered Jim’s anal passage and began to push forward and backward. Jim was beyond aroused at this and let the stranger have his way. Each thrust was as beautiful and delicious as the last. The stranger continued to build his pace until he collapsed on top of Jim. The sensation had become too much.

Jim cock was still hard and in a move he considered brazen took the stranger and proceeded to make him his. He thrust the gay man hard. Harder and harder he went in while enjoying the stranger’s moans and cries. The pressure was building and Jim could not hold it in any longer. He came, just like in his favorite XXX video.

Jim went into the toilet wiped his big dick and got out and dressed. After watching gay sex tube, he left the motel room, leaving the gay stranger on the floor still reminiscing about how they had devoured each other.

He got home a little after 3 am and entered his bed. Clara was long asleep by now, but she felt him come in, as did Melissa, who, despite being 18, nothing ever passed her. Jim moved closer to Clara and embraced his wife of 9 years. That night, he slept like a baby, anticipating the next time he would engage in his gay anal escapades.

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